Few things in life affect your income more than taxes. An average person can pay up to 40% of their income to different taxes. Controlling your taxes is extremely important if you want to increase your income and standard of living.

JCP Financial Inc. is a full-service accounting and consulting firm. Our two offices have been serving the Denver metro area for 24 years. Our objective is to save the maximum tax dollars for each of our business and personal clients, using the current tax laws and each particular client’s situation. The laws are difficult and change every year, which hurts the average person, who does not keep up with these changing tax codes.

We specialize in accounting, tax and consulting services for small to medium sized businesses and individuals. Our goal is to work with our clients to create an open environment in which we can look over a larger financial picture and help the client save money overall.

In addition to a tax and accounting practice, our firm focuses on several specialty service areas including real estate strategies, business planning and succession, tax counseling, and review of financial products that could reduce taxable income.

Many of our current clients have realized the benefit of our services by an increase in their take home income and a comfortable and easy tax season. Please contact us today to plan ahead to save on your taxes and other business needs you may have.

Staff Profiles

Carl Johnson, the founder of JCP Financial, Inc. and inventor of PK Roth has been in the tax practice since 1987. He is an author, teacher, lecturer and leader of financial and wealth strategies.