We have a variety of products to help you be more effective in your business.

The Tax Guide for Managers and Sales Personnel: How to Manage and Track Your Income and Expenses the Easy Way is the book that will save you time and money! Written by Carlton Johnson himself, this book will demonstrate how you can use existing tax laws to claim substantial deductions on your personal income taxes. Use this guide for tax tips, strategies and methods for tracking and claiming work related deductions all year long, every year. Now is always the right time to start saving hard-earned money. Let this book be the first and best investment to your future of lifelong tax savings! And guess what? It is tax deductible!

The Tax Guide for Managers and Sales Personnel contains specific information not found in any other tax guide and is specifically tailored towards people who work in the restaurant/hospitality industry as managers. Below are just a few of many deductions, contributions and expenses that this book addresses.

This book is available to you for $29.00. Stay tuned as we prepare to launch it as an eBook and transform it into a downloadable audio recording!

Books • Travel • Supplies • Home Office • Charitable Contributions • Moving Expenses • Auto Expenses • Home Computers • Entertainment Expenses • Depreciation • Record keeping Requirements • Newspapers/Magazines • Educational Expenses • How to Deduct Your Lunch

This product is available as a book, CD-ROM and audio cassette. The book is available in hard cover for $29, or on audio CD or audio cassette for $49 each. Johnson’s presentation of the book and supplements can be purchased in VHF for $99 or on audio cassette for $59 or CD for $69.

Annual Tax Supplements

The Annual Tax Supplement gives brief explanations of tax-deductible expenses and provides simple spreadsheets to track those expenses throughout the year. These tax-deductible expenses include supervisor expenses, auto use, job search, travel, and moving expenses and charitable reviews. Use The Annual Tax Supplement as a record book and put money back in your pocket. Available for $19.95 in hard copy or on CD ROM for $24.95.

Business Expense Log

Purchase the Business Expenses Log for Managers & Sales Personnel to keep track of automobile, entertainment and travel expense tax deductions all year long. Get in the habit and save for life! The Log provides easy-to-use charts that manage your business-related expenses throughout the year. The Log simplifies the end-of-the-year tax process for you and your accountant. Available to you in hard copy for $12.95 or on CD ROM ( MS Word ) for $15.95.